• Arihant Jain

    Arihant Jain

  • Sagar Gangurde

    Sagar Gangurde

    Data Engineer @Talentica Software!

  • Seth


    Developer, Designer and Innovator @Fidelity... My comments and opinions are my own...

  • Jesus Templado

    Jesus Templado

    Leading a data science business that is committed to bringing AI & Predictive Analytics closer to people and businesses. Passionate about watches and sea sports

  • Tarun Razdan

    Tarun Razdan

    Data Engineer @ Paytm

  • Abhi Sivasailam

    Abhi Sivasailam

    Growth/Analytics@Flexport Founder@TwoStatesConsulting. Formerly Growth/Analytics @Keap @Honeybook @Accenture

  • nathan windle

    nathan windle

  • Lisa Bowden

    Lisa Bowden

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