My experiences building Data+AI Products & Platforms

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  • Option #1: Try it yourself
  • Option #2: Learn from others who have already tried putting their hand in the fire

My motivation with these blogs is to help you with Option #2 in the context of real-world Data & AI fires.

Are any of these landmines hiding in your real-world ML initiative?

87% of ML projects fail today!

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Experiences divided into 6 phases of any ML project. Depending on your role, feel free to read the respective sections in this blog (Image by author)

A video series on real-world AI tips not…

A video series on real-world AI tips not…

Solving the right problem is as important as solving the problem right

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The secret sauce to fail fast & launching AI products faster!

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In building dozens of Data+AI products, there are common patterns I have seen play out in failed products. …

Data Labeling for ML Models

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Need for Data Labeling Tools

How to fail fast on AI projects

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Transforming AI Geniuses into Genius Makers

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The 7 skill personas of a well-performing AI team

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Sandeep Uttamchandani

Democratize Data+AI — real-world battle scars to help w/ your journey. Product builder(Engg VP) & Data/ML leader (CDO). O’Reilly Author.

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